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A premium content for a technical congress about CSR

The footwear market is facing global changes and the last years have seen a growing interest from markets and especially consumers, media and stakeholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR might be a process of innovation based on social and environmental regards and could be a cost-effective opportunity for the Sustainable Development of the footwear industries.

Around 30 international footwear and CSR experts presented the latest innovations and progress in this field during 5 sessions.

Introduction (click to download) Speaker
CSR - An essential part of business! Is there still something like “volunteer”? Florian Johannes BERANEK UNIDO Expert
The Status of China leather and footwear industries Su CHAOYING CLIA (China)
Global Footwear Supply and Demand Peter MANGIONE Global Footwear Partnership (USA)
Session 1: Product Innovation (click to download) Speaker
The application of the EPD scheme within the footwear sector: an approach to improve data integration, eco-labelling procedures and design tools Federico BRUGNOLI - CNR/ITIA (Italy)
Mean life of footwear. Results and methodology implemented for estimating a fundamental life Cycle Analysis variable Antonio Ruiz MARISCAL - CIATEC (Mexico)
Footwear carbon footprint evaluation and action plan - An integral approach towards sustainability Maria José FERREIRA - CTCP (Portugal)
Development of Biodegradable Polyurethane Footwear Soling Materials Gnanasundaram SARASWATHY - CSIR (India)
The Development trend of shoe retail - try shoes online system Li SHU - University of Science and Technology (China)
> Chaired by Enrique MONTIEL (INESCOP) and Gerhard NICKOLAUS (PFI)
Session 2: Process Innovation (click to download) Speaker
Lean, green and clean: a new paradigm in footwear manufacturing Sergio DULIO - ATOMLab (Italy)
ISA TAN TEC: A German tannery in Asia Carl Henrik FLACH - Tan Tec (Germany)
The next generation of virtual shoe design Monika RICHTER - Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (Germany)
Usage of anthropomorphic robots to assist human operators for the automatic pick and place of leather shoe components Michele CANTELLA - ATOM (Italy)
Materials and time saving technologies Antonio MIRALLES - INESCOP (Spain)
> Chaired by Ferenc SCHMEL (TechnOrg Consulting) and Zheng LAIYI (Kangnai Group Co.)
Session 3: Working Conditions and Human Resources (click to download) Speaker
Improvement of training methods for manufacturing operations in Footwear Industry Christophe CUMIN - CTC (France)
How to attract skilled young people to footwear industry Enrique MONTIEL - INESCOP (Spain)
Improving Profits and Productivity:  Lessons from The Apparel sector Steve JESSEPH - ICG (USA)
Training for worker Indonesian Footwear Industry Sri WASKITO - Center for Leather, Rubber and Plastics (Indonesia)
Ensuring worker Safety in Footwear Production John HUBBARD - SATRA Technology (United Kingdom)
> Chaired by Malek KELHIL (CNCC) and Françoise NICOLAS (UITIC)
Session 4: Consumers and Customers (click to download) Speaker
Sustainability and The Confused Consumer Gerhard NICKOLAUS - PFI (Germany)
The REACH consequences, to be able to get used to moving legislation and standardization Jean-Claude CANNOT - CTC (France)
The present situation and The trend of China Footwear Standardization Qi XIAOXIA - SINA (China)
The Applied Research on User Experience design Concept in Sneakers design Shuwen WU - Sichuan University (China)
New possibilities to predict The speed of children’s feet growing up Petr HLAVACEK - Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic)
> Chaired by J Leandro DE MELO (CTCP) and Michele CANTELLA (ATOM)
Session 5: Business Practices and Social Responsibility Implementation (click to download) Speaker
The CSR of Anta Tao ZHANG - Anta Sports (China)
Servitization: an innovative model of client - supplier relationship Sergio DULIO - ATOMLab (Italy)
Enhancing CSR through Development approach & Partnership Joyce CHAU - BSCI (Belgium)
Social and environmental standards in the shoe industry Andreas TEPEST - Deichmann SE (Germany)
> Chaired by Florian Johannes BERANEK (UNIDO) and Li YUZHONG (CLIA)


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