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UITIC Congresses

Up to now, the following Conferences have taken place:

1972 EVIAN (France) New materials, new processes.
1975 ALICANTE (Spain) Development and technical prospects in the footwear industry.
1977 MAYENCE (Germany) Future prospects and development trends in the footwear industry in the European area. The use of computers in the footwear industry. Automation and flexibility.
1979 BRISTOL (Great Britain) Successful footwear manufacturing in developed countries.
1981 BELGRADE (Yugoslavia) Footwear production in the microelectronics age.
1983 MILAN (Italy) Automation of processes that enhance productivity and avoid handling times.
1985 BUDAPEST (Hungary) Advances in CAD/CAM systems.
1987 ALICANTE (Spain) The footwear industry of the future.
1989 NANTES (France) "Just-in-time" or how to meet market needs reducing lead times.
1991 MUNICH (Germany) Successful footwear companies of tomorrow.
1993 ATHENS (Greece) Industrial organisation, new materials, quality management, training and automatisms.
1996 PORTO (Portugal) Materials with better performance, new production and commercialisation tools, quality assurance systems and environmental management.
1999 FERMO (Italy) Evolution of the shoe technology in the last 3 years and prospects for the near future.
2002 BUDAPEST (Hungary) Transnational production of footwear and its components as a result of the growing globalisation of the economy.
2005 TUNIS (Tunisia) Changes driven by footwear production globalisation and delocalisation.
2008 ELCHE (Spain) The advantages of technology for footwear trading and production processes.
2010 LEON (Guanajuato, Mexico) Powerful ideas in the footwear market.
2013 GUANGZHOU (Dongguan, China) Social Responsibility: a challenge for the Footwear Industry.
2016 CHENNAI (India) The Future Footwear Factory
2018 PORTO (Portugal) From Fashion to Factory : A New Technological Age
2023 MILAN (Italy) Moving towards sustainability through innovation : https://www.uitic-italy2023.com/

Visits to footwear factories and related industries are organised for these Conferences.

In addition, apart from conferences, relations between members are encouraged by promoting technical study trips to other countries.


UITIC Awards

The International Union of Technicians of the Footwear Industry, on the present basis, establishes with an international character, the "UITIC Award", in agreement with the following:


Wolfgang Schlamp AUSTRIA Technical 1996/Porto
Wilhelm Fischer GERMANY Scientific  
Kurt Seyboldt GERMANY Managerial  
Jan Pivecka CZECH REPUBLIC Technical 1999/Fermo
Giancarlo Albanesi ITALY Scientific  
Antonio Vicente SPAIN Managerial  
Pietro Torielli ITALY Technical 2002/Budapest
Wilfried Screier GERMANY Scientific  
Pierre Bonnet FRANCE Managerial  
Tiziano Mostura ITALY Technical 2005/Tunis
Petr Hlavacek CZECH REPUBLIC Scientific  
Santiago Pons SPAIN Managerial  
Ars Arpel Group ITALY Special Mention for the Press  
José Luis Poveda SPAIN Technical 2008/Elche
Marc Folachier FRANCE Scientific  
Giovanni Bagini ITALY Managerial  
Leandro Alarcón SPAIN Special Mention for the Press  
Enio E. Klein BRAZIL Technical 2010/Leon
Sergio Dulio ITALY Scientific  
Roberto Plasencia MEXICO Managerial  
Revista CalzaVance MEXICO Special Mention for the Press  
Mickael Spaĉek CZECH REPUBLIC Technical 2013/Guangzhou
César Orgilés SPAIN Scientific  
Marie-Claude Gazarossian FRANCE Managerial  
Jean Pierre Bidegain FRANCE Special Mention for the Press  
Andreas Tespest GERMANY Technical & Scientific 2016/Chennai
Ferenc Schmel HUNGARY Technical & Scientific  
Rafeeque Ahmed  INDIA Managerial 2018/Porto
Bhabendra Nath Das INDIA Technical  
Françoise Nicolas FRANCE Scientific  



The object of the "UITIC Award" (as of now "Award") is to recognise, at an international level, the work of people who contribute particularly in the technological development in the footwear industries, whether it be for their activities in the actual footwear sector or in the related industries.
The Award will be given for a particularly significant contribution in the sector, either in the present or past, or as recognition of the overall work carried out over a long period of time.
The Award will be given exclusively to an individual working in the industry, and only in exceptional cases to companies or groups of people.
The Award will have three categories:

A. Technical
B. Scientific
C. Managerial
which will serve to recognise the merits of people who stand out in each one of the following areas:

A. Technical: Experts in the footwear industry, employed workers.
B. Scientific: Technologists or scientists, self-employed or belonging to technical organisations in the sector.
C. Managerial: Managers, associates or high level executives in the Sector industries.

This is not a monetary award and consists exclusively of a medal prepared for this purpose.
The candidates will be presented by the members of UITIC who have the right to vote, with a maximum of one candidate to be presented by each member. They must come accompanied with justification as to why they feel the candidate deserves the said award.
The closing date for nominations is ONE YEAR before UITIC's triennial Conference.
The Jury will be composed of members of UITIC's Executive Committee, who attend the nearest meeting after the closing date for nominations.
The President of the Executive Committee will lead the deliberations and the voting process and the Secretary of the Committee will take the minutes of the session.
The decisions will be taken by a simple majority, and in the case of a tie, the President will take the deciding vote, as a vote of quality.
The decision of the Jury will be justified and it will summarise the basis of the reasons why the winners were chosen for the Awards.
The Awards, one for each speciality, must always be presented.
The list of candidates and the deliberations of the Jury must be kept secret by the members.
The decision of the Jury will be final.
The public announcement of the winners and the presentation of the awards will take place during the International Technical Footwear Conference.

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